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Warehouse for Sale in Castellaneta

65.000 €

The subject of this sale is a storage in the basement in Castellaneta (TA), in Via San Martino.The building of which the unit is part overlooks the SS7, the main road crossing the town and connecting with the neighboring municipalities. It is about 8 kilometers from the ...

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Apartment for Sale in San Giorgio Ionico

71.000 €

Court of TarantoReal Estate Execution Rge 78/2017Delegated Professional Avv. Papalia FabioTo visit the property contact the judicial custodian Avv. Papalia Fabio at the number: 0994534740Apartment located in San Giorgio Jonico (TA), via Roccaforzata n ° 44, located on ...

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Apartment for Sale in Martina Franca

69.131 €

Bare ownership of an apartment for sale located in Martina Franca (TA), in via Livio Andronico No. 27. The apartment is located on the third floor of a condominium building with six floors above ground and served by a common internal lift. Internally the house consists ...

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Land for Sale in Castellaneta

19.578 €

Subject of this sale is an agricultural land located in Castellaneta (TA), in the Gaudella or Giaccia district, with an extension of 2.92 ha. 70. The lot is cultivated with dry arable land containing inside it 40 medium-large olives over ten years, in need of pruning. T ...

  • 29.270
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Apartment for Sale in Laterza

81.563 €

For sale apartment on the second floor located in Laterza (TA), in via G.Puccini n ° 75. The apartment is part of a small condominium building with three floors above ground, more underground. Internally it consists of an entrance-living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms ...

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